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Crop Protection Cover

Crop Protection Cover

What is ‘SHANTILEX Protection Film’?
SHANTILEX Protection Film’ is a magically light weight UV stabilized Fabric made from an environment friendly polymer. This is a modern textile which is neither a film or a conventional textile. SHANTILEX Protection Film basically create a microclimate providing uniform ventilation there by encouraging early growth and development of the plant and/or crop result of both improvement in quality and yield.

What does ‘SHANTILEX Protection Film’ actually do?
SHANTILEX Protection Film’ creates a virus barrier and creates a 100 % virus free healthy environment for infant plants. Therefore there is no need of any spraying to the plants and farmer can do nearly organic farming. Further it creates micro-climate providing uniform ventilation thereby encouraging early growth and development of the plant and/or crop with the valuable end result of both improvement in quality and yield. They protect the plant from cold and frost. Up to 5 degrees C some circulating moisture is trapped by it and in the event of a frost this film freezes providing the plant with natural frost protection. This Agricultural Fabrics is almost 80% transparent and water permeable. Plants covered with Agricultural Fabrics can be fertilized afterwards if required.

What is the main purpose of using ‘SHANTILEX Protection Film’?
The main purpose for crop covering is to create an internal environment regardless the external environmental. The better the control the better the crop yield and quality. The controlled microclimate in term of light, temperature, humidity and physical protection of the crop (winds, rain snow etc) maintaining controlled environmental at different climatic condition. Controlling the internal environment gives the possibility to extend the growing season, fresh fruit all around the year and enhanced crop quality and crop yield.

SHANTILEX Protection Film properties :
1. High mechanical properties
2. UV Stability
3. Maximum light transmission at the visible range
4. Thermal additives
5. Light diffusion
6. Anti-fog/Anti-drip
7. Anti-virus
8. Anti-mist
9. Anti-dust

Advantages of ‘Shantilex Protection Film’ :
1. High mechanical properties
2. Shantilex Protection Film is not harmful to the environment and
3. support eco-friendly methods of cultivation.
4. Early growth and development of the plant and/or crop.
5. Extensive savings in Fertilisers expenses due to very less use of Fertilisers while maintaining a constant yield.
6. Leaching of nitrates is substantially avoided.
7. By applying fertilisers sparingly you can obtain optimum crop weights in spite of reduction in the nitrate content of the plant.
8. Protection of the plant from cold and frost.