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About usShantilex


‘Shantilex’ is at forefront of continuous quality improvement and is known for continuously seeking to reduce adverse environmental impacts.[/highlight] Systematic quality planning in the development of processes and products, quality assurance in the selection and procurement of raw materials, use of latest testing equipment and comprehensive quality control in production, processes etc. provide consistently superior quality in our products.
The ability to meet customers’ specifications gives our company a real competitive advantage. Time is one of the important assets everyone must manage well. So call us. We listen, act and deliver.

Our Firms

  • Khandvikar Agro Plast Industries
  • Siddhant Polymers
  • Gold coin Polymers
  • Padmavati Polymers

Our Products

Pipes and Fittings

Our company has manifested its prominence in manufacturing a wide range of highly durable PVC Pipe Fittings.

Tomato Wire

Shantilex brings farmer to a very innovative and economic substitute for GI Wire conventionally used for support for vegetable crops.

Mulch Films

Mulching is the process or practice of covering the soil/ground to make more favourable conditions for plant growth, development and efficient crop production.


Drip irrigation is today’s need because Water – nature’s gift to mankind is not unlimited and free forever.